Window Watching 4

The sunrise was brilliant! I was drawn to it. When I looked at the horizon, the light was so bright I was forced to look away. I found myself taking quick glances, then turning my head. It was a sight too alluring to resist, yet too powerful to be fully appreciated.


Job 37:21-22 (NIV) “Now no one can look at the sun, bright as it is in the skies after the wind has swept them clean. Out of the north he comes in golden splendor; God comes in awesome majesty.”

The world huddles in the shadows, far away from the piercing light. Only true seekers find themselves drawn to the brilliance of the Son.

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The devotional above was taken from the book, “Just Beyond My Window: When Heaven Beckons” by Sonny Childs. Within this “little” book, you will find a series of 25 short readings that were inspired by my early morning moments at the window.

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