The Flower

As the little seed began to sprout, she found herself surrounded in darkness. Only a very thin slit of light broke through the barrier above her head. Whispers filled the darkness. “She doesn’t belong here!” “Who does she think she is?!” “We are the weeds and this is our soil!” “The flower must not survive!”

Every day the fragile plant endured the harsh comments. She was determined. She was persistent. Even when the weeds stole the Continue reading The Flower

Window Watching 2

I stood before my window. The early spring sunrise was blindingly bright.

I listened to the sounds of the morning. Only two were prominent, the whir of the freezer motor behind me and the constant rhythm of the living room clock.

I considered the human experience and I thought about the impact we have had on God’s serene creation. From the constant noise of Continue reading Window Watching 2

Seedless Watermelon

Fresh fruit! The best! Recently, I stopped at a local fruit stand to get some peaches. Off to the side, I noticed several watermelons laying in a wagon of hay. I asked the man if he had any that were seedless. He pointed to the small, dark green ones and I picked out the largest.

Later, at home, my anticipation of the sweet, convenient thrill of SEEDLESS watermelon drew me to the counter. I reached for a large knife and the initial cut made that wonderful popping sound as the Continue reading Seedless Watermelon