If You Dance With the Devil

If you dance with the Devil,
His moves will be slow.
He’ll draw you in gently,
But never let go.

His grip will be firm,
His clinch will be tight.
Before you can stop,
He’ll turn down the light.

The shadows will grow,
The darkness will creep.
Demons will circle,
They’ll sing you to sleep.

The compromise is
A move he loves most. Continue reading If You Dance With the Devil

Freedom Isn’t Free!

The gift of freedom isn’t free,
Not now or for eternity.
Our soldiers die or suffer loss,
Like Jesus on that wooden cross.

In war we lose our young and brave.
As with the Lord placed in a grave.
A youthful death brings pain, the worst.
God knows. He feels. His Child was first.

And on the day that Jesus died.
Like women now, His mother cried.
Her heart was crushed with hurt and strain, Continue reading Freedom Isn’t Free!

“Happy Birthday, Gabriel!”

(This story was first posted on October 24, 2007)

Well, five years ago today, I held Gabriel in my arms for the very first time. For 9 long months Cindy was the only one who got to hold him, but on October 24, 2002, it was my turn. Wow! What a joy he has become to our family. Yes, God still does miracles today!

Last night after wrapping Gabriel’s present, Cindy made the mistake of letting him carry it up the stairs. Along the way, he conveniently and rather sneakily (Is that a word?) poked a hole in one side. Later he came to my office and asked to play with my flashlight. Being too busy to care about a flashlight, I happily turned it over to him and he left the room. Continue reading “Happy Birthday, Gabriel!”

A Little Crowded in Bed!

(This family moment was first published in 2007)

Almost every morning, between 3:00 and 6:00 a.m., Cindy and I get a visitor in bed with us. We have always laid down with the boys to put them to bed at night and we have always made room for them when they wake up in the middle of the night. Bryson outgrew the whole climb-in-bed-with-Mom-and-Dad-thing long ago. However, Gabriel, 10 years younger, is just hitting his stride. Each morning, here he comes.

Several years ago, Cindy’s folks gave us a wonderful queen-size bed. We love it. Although we only use a very small portion of the bed, it is Continue reading A Little Crowded in Bed!