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Inspirational illustrations of heartwarming principles

If You Were on the Menu

A kind old farmer loved his farm animals very much. Over the years, the caring man had sacrificed much to protect and provide for each of them.

On the day before his 75th birthday, all the animals met in the barn to discuss the celebrations. Many ideas were shared, then the donkey raised his head and brayed a suggestion that everyone liked. Continue reading If You Were on the Menu

The Unity

During the last day of Vacation Bible School, the five-year-old class was interrupted by the arrival of a new student. This little boy had only one arm and all the children stared at him as he took a seat.

The teacher looked nervously around the room and prayed that no one would comment about the little boy’s handicap. She hurriedly Continue reading The Unity

The Flower

As the little seed began to sprout, she found herself surrounded in darkness. Only a very thin slit of light broke through the barrier above her head. Whispers filled the darkness. “She doesn’t belong here!” “Who does she think she is?!” “We are the weeds and this is our soil!” “The flower must not survive!”

Every day the fragile plant endured the harsh comments. She was determined. She was persistent. Even when the weeds stole the Continue reading The Flower